Janice Charette returns to the public service as interim Clerk

By April 11, 2021Shuffles

Janice Charette was recently announced as interim Clerk of the public service, following news that Clerk Ian Shugert would be taking leave for health reasons.

Janice Charette was Clerk from 2014 to 2016 and many considered her as Clerk to be the best Clerk.

She received widespread acclaim for putting mental health in the public service front and center of issues to be addressed, as well as gender equality, diversity, inclusion and underrepresentation in the public service.

She was credited for bringing a different, more modern communications style and approach than previous Clerks: being genuine, approachable, out and about meeting public servants and making communications more dynamic and engaging using digital tools and infographics rather than annual reports from the Clerk to the Prime Minister being simply walls of text.

Welcome back Mme. Charette!

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