Latest numbers of reported COVID-19 cases in the public service (April 28)

By May 4, 2021COVID-19

Reported numbers of COVID-19 cases in the public service are up for the fourth week in a row.

As of April 28, 2021, the latest total now stands at 4,581. This is up from:

  • 4,314 on April 21;
  • 4,011 on April 14; and,
  • 3,751 on April 7.

The breakdown is by province and the top five areas with the highest reported cases were:

National Capital Region: 1,296
Quebec (minus the NCR): 867
Ontario (minus the NCR): 711
Alberta: 636
British Columbia: 620

There are now 55 reported cases in the public service outside of Canada.

Province, region or territory
Reported cases
British Columbia620
National Capital Region (NCR)1,296
New Brunswick12
Newfoundland and Labrador20
Northwest Territories0
Nova Scotia20
Ontario (Minus NCR)711
Prince Edward Island1
Quebec (Minus NCR)867
Outside of Canada55

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