Privacy Commissioner confirms complaints about required vaccinations for public servants

By October 26, 2021COVID-19

On Friday, the federal Privacy Commissioner issued a statement in response to the government’s recent announcement of a standardized vaccine passport for COVID-19.

In their statement, the Privacy Commissioner highlighted that the government had consulted them and that, “vaccine passports may offer significant public health benefits and in order to be justified, vaccine passports must be necessary to achieve their intended public health purposes.”

The statement also referenced that the Privacy Commissioner had received “a number” of complaints about required vaccinations for public servants and would be “investigating the application of privacy principles in this context.”

The Privacy Commissioner continued, “the principles applicable to vaccine passports for travel and to the vaccination requirement for federal public servants are the same.”

The statement concluded by saying that no further details can be provided until the Office has completed their investigation into the complaints.

Public servants have until this Friday, October 29 to confirm their vaccination status using the online system GC-VATS.

Then as of November 15, public servants could be placed on leave without pay if they won’t disclose their status, are only partially vaccinated or not vaccinated at all.

Some public servants have organized a campaign, “Feds for Freedom” against required COVID-19 vaccinations for the federal public service and held a “peaceful protest” yesterday at one of the public service union headquarters in downtown Ottawa.

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