“I am the secret public servant”

By Offbeat

An anonymous public servant has taken to Canadaland, the online news site and podcast, to start a new “tales from the public service-like” series that promises to cast an unfavourable spotlight on some questionable behaviours and practices that have occurred behind the scenes in the federal public service.

The anonymous public servant under the veil of “F” claims to have worked in several departments and the nature of their role has given them access to, “some of the highest-level executives, their concerns, behaviours, and motivations” and that they’ve been “privy to very sensitive information.”

The new column titled, “I am the secret public servant” will chronicle alleged true stories over the coming months, based on this public servant’s first hand experiences and knowledge. “I have been in many discussions about how to handle issues that may soon become public knowledge. I’ll share some examples that I wouldn’t believe had happened if I hadn’t been in the room,” the anonymous public servant writes.

The public servant gives a hint of what’s to come in their new column from sharing knowledge of employees allegedly dealing drugs out of their offices to other stories of toxic Ministers.

The series won’t only focus on stories of anonymous public servants and their behaviours but also look at issues on a wider scale: Phoenix, systemic problems around government procurement, and apparently what really happened at Rideau Hall regarding the 29th Governor General of Canada and the allegations of abuse and a toxic workplace.


The anonymous public servant says, “My target here is a collective culture of complacency that I’ve seen cost the taxpayer millions of dollars and which has enabled unprofessional behaviour to go unchallenged.”

They go on, “As public servants, we commit to privacy and confidentiality as part of our values and ethics. But we also sign up to the value of “stewardship,” which means being mindful of the long-term financial implications of our decisions. So every time (and they are legion) that a poorly behaved employee is put on a “special project” rather than being disciplined, because management doesn’t have the courage for the fight, it violates our commitment to stewardship.”

Canadaland says they’ve confirmed the identity of the public servant and have verified their role in the public service. However, they’ve agreed to grant them anonymity, as they will be sharing information in each column that would directly result in them being fired.

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