New pay system pilot to be expanded to other departments

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Yesterday it was announced that the new pay system pilot will be expanded to the department of Fisheries and Oceans, as well as the Canadian Coast Guard.

The new system dubbed the “Next Generation HR and Pay initiative” or #NextGenHRPay will also be expanded to include Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions to, “ensure an effective user experience in French and confirm a product that works effectively in both official languages.”

Shared Services Canada said that this will also allow for the testing team to confirm that smaller organizations and regions outside the National Capital Region will, “be served equally by the proposed new software.”

The department of Canadian Heritage was the first department selected for the “exploratory” phase of the new system, which Shared Services announced back in October.

In yesterday’s announcement, Shared Services said that it deemed the exploratory phase “successful” which ran from October 2020 to April 2021 and that expanding the pilot will help it, “better understand the complexities of the HR and Pay systems.”

The announcement also reaffirmed that public servants and unions will continue to be involved throughout the process. It said that 890 participants from 20 federal organizations took part in engagement forums including 38 workshops and 90 working sessions during the exploratory phase.

Shared Services did not provide timelines about the expanded pilot but reassured that, “testing will occur in a controlled environment that is separate from the current pay system” and that, “employees will continue to be paid through the current pay system while testing takes place.”

Only one union was referenced in yesterday’s news release from Shared Services Canada with the others being absent.

Debi Daviau, President of PIPSC (the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada) said, “PIPSC is pleased that the Next Generation HR and Pay initiative is continuing to move forward with the expansion of testing. Our members have been engaged throughout this process and will continue to contribute to the development of a new HR and Pay system.”


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For retired and active public servants: email notification about updates to pay, pension and benefits

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Treasury Board recently announced a new email notification system for retired and public servants to stay in the know about updates to their pay, pension and benefits:

Treasury Board describes the system as:

“By subscribing, you will automatically receive important general information about changes to pay and the public service pension and benefits plans, such as changes to the contribution rates, that may affect you.”

When registering, public servants are asked to confirm whether they are retired or active in service and which language of choice they would like to receive their updates in.

Treasury Board recommends using a personal email address to register, one that won’t change in the event employees switch departments.

However, Treasury Board notes that public servants can update their subscription preferences and unsubscribe at any time.

What subscribing looks like:

Link to subscribe:

Register for the public service compensation email notification system here.